BMD-HDL-AUDMON1RU12G - Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G
  • BMD-HDL-AUDMON1RU12G - Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G
  • BMD-HDL-AUDMON1RU12G - Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G
  • Blackmagic Design Audio Monitor 12G - HDL-AUDMON1RU12G
  • Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G - HDL-AUDMON1RU12G
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      Blackmagic Design estimates that the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G will be available in Q1 2019.

    • 2 x Channel AES/EBU Digital Audio Input
    • L/R Balanced & Unbalanced Analog Input
    • 2 x 27-Segment LED VU Meters
    • Front Panel Illuminated Keypad
    • Front Panel 1/4" Headphone Jack
    • Supports SD/HD/Ultra HD @ 10-bit via 12G-SDI
    • 16 x Channels Audio Output via 12G-SDI Out
    • 2 x Channels Embedded Audio via HDMI 4K Out
    • Available Dolby Decoder Upgrade Card
    • 1RU-Sized Unit with Class A/B Amplifier
    Mfr # HDL-AUDMON1RU12G
    UPC # 9338716005967
    AS # B00DDKCQZ6
    AD # BMAM12G

    Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G

    The Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G provides 2-channel audio monitoring of AES/EBU digital audio, audio embedded in 12G-SDI and analog audio. Designed to provide you with peace of mind, the unit provides high-quality audio monitoring of signals from decks, video servers, and live transmissions. You can use the unit to check audio levels as you work on your project. Up front and big on the unit's front panel are two 27-segment LED VU meters that provide you with a bright, visual representation of the audio levels from -45 to +3 decibels, and two built-in, full-range stereo speakers provide clear audio. Control of the unit is by a front panel illuminated keypad that allows you to select input sources to monitor. A 2.1" LCD screen for viewing input video (up to 4K), and a headphone jack and headphone volume control for when the listening environment is too intrusive

    Supporting video resolutions up to 12G Ultra HD, the audio monitor allows you to monitor the embedded audio as separate stereo pairs, before passing the signal out through either the 12G-SDI loop through port with 16-channel embedded audio or the HDMI 4K connector with embedded 2-channel audio. The rugged aluminum case features a card slot for an available Dolby Decoder card, allowing you an easy upgrade path. The 1RU-sized unit comes with a class A/B amplifier for a balance between high fidelity and power efficiency, dual subwoofer design with extra wide range speakers allow you to sit back and hear the audio. Rackmount ears are built-in for use in a post facility or mounting in a production case.

    Audio Inputs

    The Blackmagic Design Audio Monitor supports audio from a variety of sources, AES/EBU digital audio, balanced and unbalanced analog audio, as well as audio embedded in the SDI stream. You can monitor 2 channels of audio at a time, and even select stereo pairs from the 16 channels in the SDI signal.

    Audio Output

    SDI loop through supports 16-channel embedded audio, and the unit outputs 2 channels of embedded audio in the HDMI output stream.

    Front Panel Control and Features

    The 2-channel audio meters are selectable between VU and PPM, and show a range of -45 to +3 dB in 27 steps. The audio level meter brightness is adjustable so the meters are easy to read in either bright or dark environments.
    An illuminated keypad on the front panel, allows you to select audio inputs, isolate left and right audio channels, mute, and select audio channels to monitor from within the SDI stream.
    The scroll wheel works as a volume control knob.


    Two full-range speakers and two subwoofers combine to provide audio that is rich in low frequency and provides sharpness in mid and high ranges.

    Video Support

    When you are working with SDI video input you can use the Blackmagic Audio Monitor to convert from SDI to HDMI for monitoring with big screen televisions or video projectors. The unit automatically switches between SD, HD, and even Ultra HD 4K. You can monitor in high resolution Ultra HD 4K using the HDMI 4K output with only a single HDMI cable or you can connect a regular HDTV and use the unit's built-in Ultra HD 4K to HD down conversion.
    You can also monitor video on the built-in 2.1" LCD panel, which displays video format, audio type, audio channels and volume level.


    The Audio Monitor features an internal dedicated Dolby slot so you can add an available Dolby decoder module. The Dolby decoder supports Dolby Digital and AC-3 decoding for 5.1 surround sound monitoring from either the 6G-SDI video input or the AES/EBU audio input

    Rackmount Design

    The 1RU height of the Audio Monitor makes it ideal for use in either a post production rack system, location production case, or control or mixing room. The built-in rack mount ears make for hassle free mounting into available standard rack systems.
    The Audio Monitor features an internal power supply, and runs off of 110-240 V AC at 50/60 Hz.

    Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G

    Audio Input

    Digital Audio Input (AES/EBU)
    2 x Channels balanced 110? via XLR
    Analog Audio Input
    2 x Balanced line level 3 pin XLR
    2 x Unbalanced analog line level RCA jacks
    SDI Audio Input
    16 x Channels embedded audio in SD/HD/UltraHD 4k

    Audio Output

    Analog Audio Output
    1 x 1/4" TRS headphone jack

    Digital Audio Output
    16 x Channels embedded audio loop out
    2 x Channels embedded in SD/HD/UltraHD 4k

    Audio Level Metering

    Metering Range
    45 to +3 dB


    Audio Sampling
    96 kHz, 24-bit


    SDI Input
    1 x 10-bit SD/HD/UltraHD 4K
    12G-SDI single link 4:2:2/4:4:4

    SDI Video Loop
    1 x 10-bit SD/HD/12G-SDI switchable

    HDMI Output
    1 x HDMI type A connector

    SDI Compliance
    SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 372M, ITU-R BT.656 and ITU-R BT.601.

    Video Format
    NTSC: 525/29.97, 525/23.98
    PAL: 625/25

    2048 x 1556PsF 25/24/23.98
    2048 x 1080PsF 25/24/23.98
    2048 x 1080p 25/24/23.98
    1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98
    1080PsF 30/29.97/25/24/23.98
    1080i 60/59.94/50
    720p 60/59.94/50

    Ultra HD
    3840 x 2160p 30/29.97/25/24/23.98


    Resolution (Pixel)
    320 x 240

    Interface / Ports

    1 x USB Type B for internal software upgrade

    OS Compatibility

    OS X 10.7 Lion or later
    OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or later
    Windows 7 32/64 bit
    Windows 8 32/64 bit


    110-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Voltage Range
    90-264 V AC
    Less than 20 Watts

    Note: IEC power cord is required and NOT included


    Operating Temperature
    32˚ to 104˚F (0˚ to 40˚C)
    Storage Temperature
    -4˚ to 113˚F (-20˚ to 45˚C)

    Humidity (Relative)

    0 to 90% non-condensing

    Dimensions (H x W

    1.7 x 18.8" (44 x 482 mm)


    7.9 lb (3.6 kg)

    Package Weight

    8.35 lb

    Box Dimensions (LxWxH)

    19.2 x 11.0 x 3.4"

    Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G Pre-Order Guarantee

    The Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G is not yet available. It is estimated to be available in February.

    Many hardware manufacturers are often a bit late on their delivery dates. When this happens, those that pre-ordered simply have to wait. There is typically no concession for those that ordered months in advance, but still didn't get the new product on the promised schedule.

    This is where our offer is different. We are offering a 5% promotional gift card toward a future purchase on this site if we don't ship your hardware by January 31. In fact, for each month after that, we'll continue to add an additional 1% to your future promotional gift card value for each additional month it's late, up to a maximum value of 10% toward a future purchase.

    For example, if we ship your Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G in February, you will get 5% toward any future purchase (not only Blackmagic Design products) at this site. If we ship your equipment in March, you will get 6% in future gift card value, etc. Up to a total of 10% future gift card value, if the ship date for your hardware is super-late.

    Frequently Asked Questions about our Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G Pre-Order Guarantee

    Q1. How do I get the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G Pre-Order Guarantee?
    A1. Place your order now! It's FREE! Simply select the "no deposit pre-order" when you check out. We will contact you for the balance shortly before shipping your Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G. You can also pay in full now to avoid being contacted for payment shortly before your equipment ships.

    Q2. I get a gift card to this site for future purchases if my Blackmagic Design item doesn't ship by January 31, or earlier?
    A2. Exactly right! If your Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G doesn't ship by January 31, we'll provide a promotional gift card equal to 5% of the price toward a future purchase. In fact, we will give an additional 1% for each month after that, up to a future gift card maximum of 10% toward a future purchase. The promotional gift card can then be used on a future purchase of anything (other than shipping) on this site.

    Ship Date:
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    • May = 8% gift card value.
    • June = 9% gift card value.
    • July or later = 10% gift card value.
    Q3. Even though you have no control over when Blackmagic Design releases the product, you are making this offer?
    A3. Yes! There are no exceptions to this guarantee. If we are even one day late on our pre-order guarantee, you will get a minimum of 5% of the purchase price in a promotional gift card toward future purchases on this site.

    Q4. What are the shipping charges?
    A4. We typically offer free ground shipping to the USA. Call us toll-free at 1-855-874-2278 for expedited shipping options.

    Q5. I got a quote from elsewhere. Will you beat it?
    A5. Yes! Please call us toll-free at 1-855-874-2278 to discuss your quote. You will be happy you did!

    Q6. Do you offer quantity discounts?
    A6. We can do that. Contact us. We'll make you an excellent offer for multiple units.

    Q7. How do I get the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G Pre-Order Guarantee?
    A7. Place your order now! It's FREE! Simply select the no deposit pre-order when you check out. We will contact you for the balance shortly before shipping your Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G equipment.

    Q8. Can I combine the Pre-Order Guarantee offer with a Coupon Code I have?
    A8. Yes! Use your unique Coupon Code and place your pre-order now!

    Q9. I understand that you will contact me for full payment (if not already paid in full) shortly before my Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G ships. If I see it is close to the end of the month, can I drag my feet on the payment to cash in, so that it doesn't ship right away?

    A9. Unfortunately, no. If we don't receive prompt payment, we don't keep adding to your potential gift card value. For example, if we are ready to ship your order on at the end of the month, but you delay payment until the first of the month, you would get the gift card value based on the time that we have your equipment ready to ship.

    Q10. If I don't go through with the actual purchase of the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G, do I still get my promotional gift card?

    A10. Unfortunately, no. The gift cards for a future purchase are specifically reserved for those that complete the purchase of the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G.

    Q11. Does my promotional gift card ever expire?

    A11. Yes. Since it's a promotional gift card, you will need to use it within six months from the shipment date of your Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G.

    Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G

    What's Included

    • Blackmagic Design Audio Monitor
    • Software CD


    Limited 1-Year Warranty