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DMX-IT 12ew - Wireless lumenradio - handheld controller
  • DMX-IT 12ew - Wireless lumenradio - handheld controller
  • DMX-IT 12ew - Wireless lumenradio - antenna
  • DMX-IT 12ew - Wired and Wireless Connections
  • DMX-IT 12ew - Wireless Close-Up
  • DMX-IT 12ew - Wireless VESA 75 x 75mm
  • DMX-IT 12ew - Wired Connection Diagram
  • DMX-IT 12ew - AC Power Adapter
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    • Wireless connectivity with LumenRadio or standard wired DMX cable
    • Easy to operate DMX lighting controller
    • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (double the capacity of the DMX-IT 12e) or powered by AC adapter (included)
    • Fast frame rates for LED lighting
    • 12 channels of manual control with master fader
    • Bump buttons
    • Compact and light weight
    • Durable metal casing with protective guards on sides
    • Portable DMX lighting controller with VESA Mount
    • Data timing accuracy meets or exceeds USITT standards
    • Field proven performance and reliability
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    Mfr # DMX-IT-12ew-750-0819
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    DMX-IT 12ew Wireless Lighting Controller

    The DMX-IT 12ew is ideal for small shows, live shoots, lectures, conferences, churches, lighting sales demonstrations, stage checkout, testing, troubleshooting, focusing and emergencies - any function that does not need an expensive, complex console or requires portability. Starting address may be anywhere in the DMX512 channels.

    The DMX-IT 12ew has integrated protective guards.

    • Starting channel may be anywhere in the 512 channel address space
    • Both wireless (LumenRadio) or wired connections
    • Provides highly stable outputs with no jitter or bobble headed values
    • Memory – a full scene of level memory at an independent address and with its own Scene Master.
    • Slim-line AC adapter is Energy Star and California CEC compliant
    • Fast to operate, fast frame rates for LED lighting
    • Long run time internal Li-ion battery
    • Micro USB power input (for use with USB chargers or portable battery packs)
    • VESA Mount - 75mm x 75mm
    • Compact size: 7.8" x 3.8" x 1.6" / 2.3" (front/rear) - (19.8cm x 9.7cm x 4.1cm / 5.8cm)
    • Light weight: 1.1 lbs. (0.5kg)

    DMX-IT 12ew Portable Lighting Board Specifications

    Compatibility DMX512
    VESA Mount 75mm x 75mm
    Item Weight 1.2 lb
    Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.8" x 3.8" x 1.6" / 2.3" (front/rear) - (19.8cm x 9.7cm x 4.1cm / 5.8cm)
    Package Weight 2.4 lb (1kg)
    Package Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.8" x 4.4" x 4.3" (27.5cm x 11.2cm x 11cm)

    DMX-IT Comparison Chart

    DMX-IT 12 DMX-IT 512 DMX-IT 512R
    Price (MSRP) $365 $468 $498
    Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping
    Free Shipping
    DMX512 Protocol yes yes yes
    Hand-held, desktop, or mounted yes yes yes
    12 channels of manual control with master fader yes yes yes
    Starting address may be anywhere in the DMX512 channels yes yes yes
    Battery operated with 4x AA batteries
    (Typically 20-30 hours of operation)
    yes yes yes
    Slim-line AC adapter included
    (Energy Star and CEC compliant)
    yes yes yes
    Durable metal enclosure yes yes yes
    Front accessible push wheel quickly sets starting address -- yes yes
    Group fader memory feature can include any of 512 channels -- yes yes
    Individual bump buttons per channel __ yes yes
    Protective Rails -- -- yes

    DMX512 Protocol

    DMX512 is a digital control signal for entertainment lighting. The DMX512 protocol standard is defined by USITT, the United States Institute for Theatre Technology. The control signal is generated from lighting control consoles and sent to dimmers and other accessories. Prior to the DMX512 protocol, analog control systems were used; zero to ten volt analog was one common standard. DMX512 is a digital multiplexing technique that uses a two conductor shielded data cable to control up to 512 dimmers. Analog systems require a wire for each dimmer channel.

    The connector standard for DMX512 is a 5 pin XLR. Lighting controllers and consoles output DMX512 data on a female 5 pin XLR. Dimmers and receiving equipment often have both male XLR's for receiving and female XLR's for looping the DMX512 data to the next device. The XLR with male pins always receives and the XLR with female pins always sends.

    The wire for DMX cable must be data cable designed for EIA485. This cable is low capacitance, twisted pair, shielded, and designed for high speed data. There are many brands and types that will work reliably. Standard pre-built cables can be purchased from any theatrical lighting supplier. Conversion to 3 pin XLR and use of microphone cable is known to be problematic and not recommended.

    The pinout for the five pin XLR connector is:

    Pin 1: Cable shield wire.

    Pin 2: Data Not (also called - Data)

    Pin 3: Data (also called + Data)

    Pin 4: Spare - not used per standard - not connected in DMX-IT products

    Pin 5: Spare - not used per standard - not connected in DMX-IT products

    Shell case: The XLR connector body does not get connected to the cable wire

    The DMX512 data signal requires termination at the final connection in the DMX control signal loop. Improper termination is the most frequent cause of DMX problems. A terminator is a resistance at the end of the DMX line. This resistance prevents the DMX data signal from reflecting back down the line and causing data errors and other problems. DMX receiving equipment should have a "termination" switch or termination option for end of line in the setup. The data signal should only have one termination at the end of the loop, multiple terminations will load down the data signal. If the receiving equipment does not have a built in terminator, then an XLR terminator accessory should be used at the last female XLR "DMX out or loop" connector in the data line connections.

    The entire DMX-IT line is designed and manufactured in USA.

    More info about the DMX512 standard is available here.

    • DMX-IT 12ew Handheld Lighting Controller with integrated protective sides
    • Removable antenna for LumenRadio
    • Slim-line AC adapter
    • User manual