NewTek TimeWarp TW-42
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    • For TriCaster STUDIO, BROADCAST, 300, 450, 850, and more
    • Instant Replay & Slow Motion
    • USB Powered
    • Jog/shuttle Controller for Rapid Clip Preview
    • Sold by VideoToybox, a NewTek Premier Partner
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    NewTek TimeWarp TW-42 Control Surface

    NewTek TriCaster TimeWarp is an external replay controller for the NewTek family of TriCaster products . TimeWarp is an optional controller surface that provides clip selection, marking and playback at various speeds. This $995 USB-connected tabletop controller gives a dedicated operator the power that previously only a large, mobile production crew wielded. Once the slo-mo operator marks beginning and end segments of the chosen input, they are instantly available for replay.

    Put Time in your hands.
    Fast-paced action deserves a second look. Or, a third. NewTek TimeWarp replay controller extends the live production capabilities of TriCaster by providing a dedicated operator for video playback. Enjoy the freedom of instant replay, while you continue recording Program output.

    TimeWarp will elevate your sports and event production with instant replay and beautiful slow motion.

    When you edit, you are used to marking in and out points, right? Now do that with your live production. As TriCaster records the event, you can bracket a moment in time, and send that clip to DDR, awaiting the director's touch for playback. Choose a playback speed and deliver slow motion every time.

    NewTek TimeWarp TW-42 Control Surface

    USB-powered desktop controller
    High quality, hermetically-sealed magnetic-reed switches with controls for:
      • Selecting DDR1 or DDR2
      • Selection or List playback mode
      • Remove clip, Mark Replay In, Mark Replay Out
      • Set playback speed at 25, 33, 50, 75 or 100%
      • Previous clip, First frame, Last frame, Next clip
      • Stop, Pause, Play
    Jog/shuttle controller for rapid clip preview
    USB 1.1 or 2.0 compatible connection
    10.25” W x 1.5” H x 6.75” D
    2.2 pounds
    Requires TriCaster software 2.0 and up