NewTek Flex Control Panel - FCP
  • NewTek Flex Control Panel - FCP
  • NewTek Flex Control Panel - FG-003262-R001
  • NewTek Flex Control Surface - FCP
  • NewTek TriCaster Flex Control Panel - FCP
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    NewTek Flex Control Panel

    The NewTek Flex Control Panel offers unparalleled control of a wide range of TriCasters.  The Flex Panel empowers you with enhanced connectivity and superior command, this cutting-edge device seamlessly integrates with the remarkable versatility of NDI technology.  Unleashing the full potential of the most comprehensive production system available, the NewTek Flex Control Panel consolidates an array of functions into a single, intuitive control surface. In a groundbreaking move, NewTek introduces a Control Surface that revolutionizes video mixing, audio mixing, PTZ control, audio I/O, and talkback into one unified solution. Prepare to take command like never before.

    Traditionally, operators have faced limitations as they were bound to their video switchers, dealing with long cable runs and intricate setups that restricted their mobility.  However, the innovative TriCaster Flex Control Panel shatters these constraints. Pioneering a new era, it effortlessly connects to a network utilizing NDI technology, enabling instant control over any video switcher within that network. Remarkably, the Flex Control Panel is designed to seamlessly integrate with any modern TriCaster, granting operators the freedom to harness its capabilities. Whether commanding the powerful TriCaster 2 Elite or mastering the TriCaster Mini X, the Flex Control Panel equips operators with all the necessary tools for their distributed productions. Embrace a world of unparalleled flexibility and control.

    Moreover, the Flex Control Panel goes beyond conventional capabilities by providing audio I/O functionality. By incorporating audio I/O, Flex effortlessly expands the onboard input/output options of any TriCaster, facilitating the seamless integration of additional external sources into the NDI ecosystem directly from the control panel. This expansion opens up a world of possibilities, enabling operators to effortlessly incorporate diverse audio sources into their productions, further enhancing the flexibility and versatility of the overall system.

    Experience the unrivaled power of the NewTek Flex Control Panel, where advanced control and expanded capabilities redefine the boundaries of audiovisual production.

    • 16 direct crosspoints with Bank and Stripe function.
    • Row lighting color follows UI color for delegated bus.
    • 2x 40 Character 2 row LCDs.
    • PTZ Control Delegation and zoom rocker.
    • Mini Joystick for Pan/Tilt control with Focus/Iris control with auto function.
    • 16 fader controls for audio In 1-8, Talkback, DDR 1-2, Sound, Record 1-4.
    • 4 fader controls for Stream 1, 2, Aux and Master out, Mic and Phones level (Push to Mute/Unmute, ALT-Push for Solo and VU meters).
    • Media Players & Macro Control Stream, Capture & Replay.
    • Transitions & T-Bar.
    • NewTek Flex Control Panel
    • Power Cable
    • Limited 1-Year Warranty