PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Controller - PTZOptics-PT-SUPERJOY-G1 - front
  • PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Controller - PTZOptics-PT-SUPERJOY-G1 - front
  • PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Controller - PTZOptics-PT-SUPERJOY-G1 - rear connections
  • PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Controller - PTZOptics-PT-SUPERJOY-G1 - top view
  • PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Controller - PTZOptics-PT-SUPERJOY-G1
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    • Simultaneous NDI, IP & Serial Control for a Range of PTZ Cameras
    • Multi-Brand Compatibility, including Sony, BirdDog, NewTek, Lumens, and more
    • Basic, Basic Plus & Matrix Modes for Users of All Skill Levels
    • Create 4 Camera Control Groups with Up to 7 Devices Each
    • Large LCD Screen with Controller Status and built-in decoder with HDMI output
    • Up to 255 PTZ Camera Presets, 9 Quick Presets, and 4 Super-Presets
    • PoE (Power over Ethernet) or included 12V power supply
    Item # PT-SUPERJOY-G1
    Mfr # PTZOptics-PT-SUPERJOY-G1
    UPC # 840170500005
    AS # B08W5FNNH6

    PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Controller

    Control nearly any current PTZ camera from multiple manufacturers.

    The PTZOptics SuperJoy Joystick Controller is a comprehensive solution supporting mix-and-match serial and network-based control for PTZ cameras of any generation and multiple manufacturers.

    • Simultaneous pan, tilt and zoom control across IP, NDI, and serial cameras from multiple brands including PTZOptics, HuddleCamHD, Lumens, Sony, BirdDog, and NewTek.
    • If it’s IP-controlled, chances are the SuperJoy can control it – cameras, lights, projector screens and more – using four customizable buttons.
    • Powerful Super-Preset buttons are programmable to trigger synchronized multi-preset commands across up to four unique camera groups with up to eight cameras each.

    Streamlined, Real-Time Production
    The PTZOptics SuperJoy offers an intuitive, tactile interface, simplifying and streamlining even the most complex production setups.

    • Ergonomic, rubberized controls and pressure-sensitive dials for precise, on-the-fly-tuning, with no OSD adjustments required.
    • Status-responsive backlit buttons and knobs indicate available camera modes, while optional tablet/computer control can allow for remote monitoring.
    • Use the built-in decoder with HDMI output for setup and monitoring, while current configuration status is displayed on the SuperJoy’s built-in LCD screen

    Great for Beginners to Experienced Pros

    With three user-centered control modes designed to accommodate varying skill levels, the SuperJoy offers unparalleled flexibility for production teams of all backgrounds and experiences.

    • Use Basic and Basic Plus mode to limit functions to presets and single-camera control.
    • Matrix mode enables operators to call presets across up to three cameras.
    • Expert users can program custom buttons for production automation.

    Please note that this controller communicates via Ethernet only.  The RS-232 port is inactive.

    PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Controller

    Number of Supported Cameras

    4 Channels via IP (7 Per Group)

    4 Channels via Serial (7 Per Group)


    Control Protocol

    Control Interface
    RJ45 (Ethernet)
    Terminal Block (RS-422, RS-485) Output
    DE-15/DB-15 (Pelco-D, Pelco-P, RS-232, VISCA) Output

    Key Technical Specifications

    RJ45 Network Connection

    Maximum Cameras
    Control up to 253 Cameras

    Maximum Distance
    328 Ft. (100 meters) cable length to nearest LAN switch.

    PTZOptics-compatible cameras here.

    Operational Specifications

    6W (12VDC Voltage)

    Working Temp
    14°F ~ 122°F (-10° ~ 50° C).

    Working Humidity
    10 ~ 90% (non-condensation)

    3.7 lbs | 1.7 kg

    Dimensions (in.)
    14.6W X 7.1H X 4.0D

    Dimensions (mm.)
    370W X 180H X 101D

    PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Controller

    • PTZOptics SuperJoy Controller
    • RS-232C Cable (8')
    • 12VDC Power Supply
    • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty