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    Item # V-1200HD
    Mfr # Roland-V-1200HD
    UPC # 761294504246
    BA # ROV1200HD
    AS # B01IO0A0Z2
    AD # ROV1200HD

    Roland V-1200HD Multi-format Video Switcher

    Hybrid Engine 2 M/e Switcher and Processor for Broadcast and Live Events
    A comprehensive and flexible multi-format video switcher giving you complete control of video sources, key layers and mixing engine configurations. The V-1200HD introduces a unique flexible hybrid engine with 4:2:2 broadcast switcher and 4:4:4 live event switcher. In addition to powerful video capabilities, the V-1200HD also has a built-in 16-channel audio mixer.

    Hybrid Engine 2 M/E Switcher and Processor for Broadcast and Live Events
    The Roland V-1200HD Multi-Format Video Switcher is a 2 M/E switcher featuring a new 4:2:2 / 4:4:4 Hybrid Engine that combines the features of a production switcher with the power of a presentation switcher. Multiple M/E configurations can be selected from 1 M/E, 1.5 M/E and 2 M/E to meet the needs of your production. Inputs include 10 3G/HD-SDI and 4 HDMI with 6 3G/HD-SDI Outputs and 2 HDMI outputs. Scalers on HDMI inputs 3 & 4 and HDMI outputs support SD, HD and VESA resolutions. Switch using the V-1200HDR Control Surface or free downloadable Remote Control Software (RCS). The video inputs and the powerful built-in 16-channel audio mixer can be expanded with XI-Series video and audio expansion cards. An intuitive user interface with assignable cross-points and on screen names ensures maximum flexibility for and live production or broadcast.

    2 M/E Mode
    This provides a standard 2 M/E operation style. Two keyers can be used with each M/E. Keyer priority can also be assigned and changed. Not only is re-entry of the video source from M/E 1 to M/E 2 possible, but so is reverse re-entry from M/E 2 to M/E 1. This means you can switch the two M/Es and output them from a single PGM output. The two M/Es can also be output independently allowing for applications such as simultaneous transmission of captions in two different languages.

    1.5 M/E Mode
    This is the highest-performance operation style, capable of using PGM/PST rows as the final stage in addition to M/E 1. All four keyers can be used in M/E 1. You can freely change the priority of each keyer, and even copy keyers. This mode enables complex mixing operations such as switching a video source with four compositions to another single video source.

    1 M/E Mode
    This is a simple operation style using 1 M/E + 4 keys. In addition to using PGM/PST rows on the main line, you can use two AUX buses. This mode allows discrete video feeds to be switched and routed to additional outputs making the V-1200HD the ideal primary switcher for a number of broadcast and live performance applications.

    4:4:4 Multi-Format Processor
    There are two scalers between the 4:2:2 engine and the 4:4:4 engine, and two scalers between HDMI IN 3 and 4 and the 4:4:4 engine. These enable switching, self key composition, and matrix output. Signals input from HDMI IN 3 and 4 can be sent to both 4:2:2 process and 4:4:4 process, which means if you choose the latter, you will get clearer computer images. With the scalers you can also display a single picture across two screens.

    An innovative and flexible system designed to easily realize your full creative potential.

    A dedicated V-1200HDR controller provides fast and accurate operation. Dual touch monitors provide quick and easy operation. All the functionality required for operation of a high-end switcher, in an efficient compact size.

    Multi-format support for a diverse range of inputs and outputs. Two expansion slots are provided for even more compatibility.

    The flexible workflow and functionality supports a wide variety of live production applications.

    Broadcast Studios
    A wide variety of video effects enhances broadcast studio productions. Composition with freely selectable priority can be accomplished using the four scaler-equipped keyers. The system also features high-end Chroma Key, as well as the External Key essential for title compositing. In addition to PGM and PVW output, two AUX buses are usable for output (when in the 1M/E mode).

    Live-performance Production
    Multiple M/E choices allow for a diverse range of video production applications in one switcher. The V-1200HD is ideal as a main switcher for concert recording and for a live feed. Through a variety of multi-view functions, even a large number of sources can be checked at a glance. The M/E configuration can be varied as desired to meet the needs of the production. Control up to seven remote cameras ensures creative productions even with limited camera operators.

    Events and Conferences
    Equipped with HDMI input and output with multi-format support. Freely mix computer and video sources and output to a wide range of displays and devices. Along with ten 3G/HD-SDI inputs, the V-1200HD features four HDMI inputs. Six 3G/HD-SDI and two HDMI outputs are also provided. Among these, the two HDMI inputs and outputs offer multi-format support. Computer sources with varying resolutions and frame rates are supported without a need for video converters. The signal is passed directly to the 4:4:4 process, so it can be output, unchanged, at the same high resolution.

    Classrooms and Event Halls
    Supporting a rich range of control as a video/audio hub. The full-featured routing functionality enables conversion and distribution of a high number of video sources in a variety of formats. The V-1200HD can also achieve remote operation as a video/audio source hub from a variety of control terminals and programs. In addition to just simple video switching, the system also offers functions available only on production switchers, such as distributing PinP video to various locations.

    Roland V-1200HD Multi-format Video Switcher Specifications


    Processing 4: 4: 4 (Y/Pb/Pr / RGB), 10-bit /
    4: 2: 2 (Y/Pb/Pr), 10-bit
    Input Connectors 3G/HD-SDI: BNC typx 10 * Conforms to SMPTE 424M (SMPTE 425M-AB), 292M
    HDMI: type A x 2 (HDMI INPUT 1--2) * HDCP Not supported
    HDMI: type A x 2 (HDMI INPUT 3--4) * HDCP Supported., Multi-format Supported.
    Output Connectors 3G/HD-SDI: BNC type x 6 * Conforms to SMPTE 424M (SMPTE 425M-AB), 292M
    HDMI: type A x 2 (HDMI OUTPUT 1--2) * HDCP Supported
    HDMI: type A x 2 (HDMI OUTPUT MULTI-VIEW 1 * HDCP Not required, 1080/59.94p)
    (HDMI OUTPUT MULTI-VIEW 2 * HDCP Required, 1080/59.94p)
    Formats SDI: 1080/59.94p, 1080/50p
    * Conforms to SMPTE 274M
    HDMI: 480/59.94i, 576/50i, 480/59.94p, 576/50p, 720/59.94p, 720/50p, 1024x768/60 (*1), 1280x720/60 (*1), 1280x800/60 (*1), 1366x768/60 (*1), 1280x1024/60 (*1), 1400x1050/60 (*1) ,1600x1200/60, 1920x1080/60, 1920x1200/60
    * Conforms to CEA-861-E, VESA DMT Version 1.0 Revision 11
    * The output format of HDMI1,2 and SDI is always the same.
    * Frame rate is 59.94(NTSC) or 50(PAL)
    * MULTI-VIEW 1,2 output is 1080/60p always.
    Output refresh rate is 75 Hz when frame rate is set to 50Hz.
    (4:2:2 Processing)
    M/E: 1M/E, 1.5M/E, 2M/E (9 types)
    Transition: Mix, NAM (*2), FAM (*2), Cut, Wipe
    Composition (Keyer): 4 (PinP, Luminance Key, Chroma Key, External Key supported)
    AUX: 2
    Others: Output Fade, Output Freeze, Output Capture, Composition Edit, SDI Output Patchbay
    *These effects depends on M/E type.
    (*2) PGM/PST only
    (4:4:4 Processing)
    M/E: 1M/E, Matrix, Scaler
    Input: 4 (4:2:2 Processing outputs x 2, HDMI INPUT 3, HDMI INPUT 4)
    Transition: Mix, Cut
    Composition (Keyer): 1 (PinP, Luminance Key)
    Others: HDCP Supported, Output Fade, Output Cropping, Signal Generator.
    *These effects depends on M/E type.
    Still Image Still Image Inputs: 2, Internal Memory: 16, Maximum 1920x1080 pixels
    Format: Windows Bitmap File (.bmp ) 24 bit per pixel, uncompressed, Portable Network Graphic File (.png) * Alpha channel Supported.
    Multiviewer MULTI-VIEW 1 (4:2:2 Processing): 16/10 screens, Label, Tally * HDCP Supported
    MULTI-VIEW 2 (4:4:4 Processing): 4 screens, Label, Tally, OSD Setup Menu
    * HDCP Required


    Processing Sampling Rate : 24 bits/48 kHz
    Input Connectors 3G/HD-SDI: BNC type x 4 (Ch7-10), HDMI: type A x 4, AUDIO IN (XLR/TRS) L (1/2),R (3/4)
    * Analog Audio or AES/EBU
    Output Connectors 3G/HD-SDI: BNC type x 4 (Ch1-4), HDMI: type A x 2, AUDIO OUT (XLR/TRS) L (1/2),R (3/4)
    * Analog Audio or AES/EBU
    Input Level and Impedance AUDIO IN: +4dBu (Maximum: +22dBu, 15k ohms)
    Output Level and Impedance AUDIO OUT: +4dBu (Maximum: +22dBu, 600 ohms)
    Formats SDI: Linear PCM, 24bits, 48kHz, 16ch * Conforms to SMPTE 299M
    HDMI: Linear PCM, 24bits, 48kHz, 2ch
    AES/EBU: Linear PCM, 24bits, 48kHz, 4ch
    Effects Patchbay: 92 inputs x 92 outputs Delay: 16ch
    Mixer: 16ch, channel Effects: 3-Band EQ, Delay Master Effects: Mastering, 3-Band EQ, Reverb


    Expansion Slot Slot: 2
    *The video a maximum of 2 inputs 2 outputs and the audio a maximum of 16 inputs 16 outputs can treat in 2 slots sum total.
    Reference Input: BNC type x 1
    *Black Burst (Sync to frames), Bi-Level, Tri-Level
    Output/Through: BNC type x 1
    *Black Burst (Sync to frames)
    External Connectors RS-232: DB-9 type (Male) x 1 *for Remote Control
    RS-422: DB-9 type (Female) x 1 *for VISCA Control
    TALLY/GPIO: DB-25 type (Female) x 1 (Input: 8, Output/Tally: 16)
    LAN: RJ45 100BASE-TX (Connect to V-1200HDR or Computer (V-1200HD RCS))
    USB: A type *USB Memory
    Memory 8 * Last Memory Function
    User Function Button 32 * 16 buttons x 2 banks
    Remote Camera Control RS-422: D-Sub 9 pin type x 1 Protocol: VISCA
    Remote Controller V-1200HDR Control Surface * Option
    V-1200HD RCS * Windows7 or later / Mac OSX
    Power Supply AC 117 V, AC 220 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V (50/60 Hz)
    DC 24 V (XLR-4-32 type)
    * Redundant Power Supply
    Operation Temperature +0 to +40 degrees Celsius +32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit
    Dimensions 482 (W) x 357 (D) x 133 (H) mm
    19 (W) x 14-1/16 (D) x 5-1/4 (H) inches
    * EIA-3U rack mount size
    Weight 9.0 kg 19 lbs 14 oz
    Accessories Power Cord, Rubber Feet (4), Owner's Manual
    This product is a Class A digital device under FCC part 15. "VISCA" is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

    Roland V-1200HD Multi-format Video Switcher

    • Roland V-1200HD Multi-Format Video Switcher
    • Power Cord
    • Rubber Feet
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