Shure SCM810 8-Channel Automatic Mixer - SCM810
  • Shure SCM810 8-Channel Automatic Mixer - SCM810
  • Shure SCM810 8-Channel Automatic Mixer - SCM810 - rear connections
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    • 1x balanced mic-line input channels (Phoenix block connectors)
    • 1x unbalanced 1/4" aux level input
    • 8x unbalanced 1/4" direct line level outputs
    • 1x balanced master line level output (Phoenix block connector)
    • Selectable 48V phantom power per channel
    • Level selectable peak output limiter
    • Full rack width (1RU)
    • Works with the Shure RKC800 XLR Connector Kit
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    Item # SCM810
    Mfr # SCM810
    UPC # 042406054966
    BA # SHSCM810
    AS # B0002JEUU0
    AD # SHSCM810

    Shure SCM810 8-Channel Automatic Mixer

    The Shure SCM810 is an automatic mixer with eight channels that incorporates Shure IntelliMix technology. This intelligent system selectively activates only the microphones that are being addressed, effectively reducing audio issues caused by multiple open microphones.

    Designed specifically for installed sound applications, the SCM810 offers various features.  Each channel has adjustable EQ, 48V phantom power, and accepts balanced microphone or line-level inputs. The mixer also provides line-level outputs, a highly RF resistant chassis and circuitry, complete logic control of microphone activation, and the ability to link up to 400 microphones. Additionally, it is equipped with an internal power supply and operates on 120/230 Vac power.

    As part of Shure's Automatic series of mixers, the SCM810 is well-suited for a wide range of sound reinforcement scenarios. It boasts 8 Mic/Line level inputs with removable Block Connectors, all of which are balanced and capable of providing phantom power for condenser microphones. Furthermore, there are 8 direct outputs (one per input channel) for convenient routing to recorders, monitors, and other devices. Each input channel is equipped with low-cut filter and high-shelving EQ switches. Alongside its exceptional sound quality, the SCM810's automatic features enable hands-free operation across multiple microphones.

    The mixer offers 7 position-programmable switches that allow further customization of internal features. These switches can adjust the limiter threshold, off-attenuation level, hold time, and toggle between manual and automatic modes.

    The SCM810 incorporates a Noise Adaptive threshold, which intelligently distinguishes between constant background noise and fluctuating audio signals such as speech in terms of pitch, level, and consistency. The threshold continuously adjusts to ensure that speech levels louder than background noise activate the corresponding channel. Additionally, the Max Bus feature controls the number of channels that activate when a signal is detected. This feature can be set so that even if multiple microphones "hear" the same talker, only one channel will be activated, resulting in consistent switching between different talkers on a panel or during discussions. The Last Mic Lock-On feature keeps the most recently used microphone active, preserving ambient room signal when other mics are not in use. This creates a natural and uninterrupted signal flow.

    Need to directly connect XLR microphones?  The SCM810 comes with block connectors.  The Shure RKC800 XLR Connector Expansion Kit provides direct XLR connections to the SCM810.

    Check out our Shure SCM810 Feature Overview printable document.

    Check out our Shure SCM810 Specifications printable document.

    Shure SCM810 8-Channel Automatic Mixer

    What's Included

    • Shure SCM810 8-Channel Automatic Mixer
    • Power Cord
    • Rack Mount Hardware


    1 Year Limited Warranty