Ultimatte HD - ULTMKEYHD - green screen compositing
  • Ultimatte HD - ULTMKEYHD - green screen compositing
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    • HD/SD-SDI Input & Output
    • All internal processing: 4:4:4:4
    • Optional 4:4:4 dual-link input
    • Genlock Input
    • Compact 1RU Form Factor
    • PROMO: FREE Smart Remote included with purchase of two units.
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    BA # BLULT11
    AS # B0727PLW16

    Ultimatte HD

    The Ultimatte HD blue/green screen, compositing device. Ultimatte HD is the perfect real-time compositing device at the right price.

    The Ultimatte HD has been designed to address the needs of both virtual studios and insert stage productions. With AdvantEdge controls, Soft Edge windows (internal garbage matting), Colorizing controls, Ambiance controls, Matte controls, and screen correction, the Ultimatte HD places the FG subject in the new environment in a very natural and realistic way.

    Flare and Spill Suppression Controls in Ultimatte HD make the difference in realism:

    Multiple Output Options
    In addition to the two FG+BG outputs and the Matte output, the Ultimatte HD has a Processed Foreground output. This output allows the user to view the original image against black, with all flare removed and color controls applied.  This is a great way to quickly layer in post without the need to re-render green or blue chroma key footage.

    Specifications and features subject to change

    Ultimatte HD Specifications

    • All internal processing: 4:4:4:4
    • SMPTE 292M
    • Custom Menus: 4 menus per Preference file
    • GPI - Contact Closure/TTL, DB27
    • Smart Remote communication - RS422, DB9
    • 1RU height
    • 1080p, 1080psf, 1080i, and 720p at 24, 25, and 30fps
    • Exact specifications subject to change

    Ultimatte HD

    What's Included

    Ultimatte HD
    Power Cable

    Promo: What's Included

    Smart Remote and interconnect cabling included with purchase of two Ultimatte HD units.