URSA Broadcast Camera Fujinon Lens Kit - URSABroadcast-LA16x8BRM-XB1A-KIT
  • URSA Broadcast Camera Fujinon Lens Kit - URSABroadcast-LA16x8BRM-XB1A-KIT
  • Blackmagic URSA Broadcast Fujinon Lens - LA16x8BRM-XB1A-KIT
  • Blackmagic URSA Broadcast Camera - CINEURSAMWC4K
  • URSA Broadcast Camera with Fujinon Lens - BMD-CINEURSAMWC4K
  • URSA Broadcast Camera with Fujinon - BMD-CINEURSAMWC4K - connectors
  • URSA Broadcast Camera Fujinon Lens Kit - URSABroadcast-LA16x8BRM-XB1A-KIT - front
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    • This product has been updated by the manufacturer.
    • Click here to view the latest Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast G2 Camera + Fujinon LA16x8BRM-XB1A Lens.
    • Kit includes Fujinon LA16x8BRM-XB1A lens
    • 16x zoom lens, 8-128mm Focal Length
    • Records using DNx145, DNx220X, or ProRes
    • Record to SD cards, UHS-II cards and CFast cards
    • Records 1080i or 2160p video into standard .mov files
    Item # BMD-USRABroadcast-LA16x8BRM-XB1A-kit
    Mfr # URSABroadcast-LA16x8BRM-XB1A-kit
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    Blackmagic URSA Broadcast Camera with Fujinon LA16x8BRM-XB1A Lens

    The Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast Camera is like two cameras in one, an incredible field camera for ENG and programming work, as well as a professional studio camera. The camera features traditional broadcast controls along with exceptional image quality, all in a compact design that is ideal for fast paced, fast turn around production work. The key is URSA Broadcast Camera's new extended video mode which captures incredible looking video with accurate skin tones and vibrant colors. That means customers don't have to color correct images before going to air, making the URSA Broadcast Camera with Fujinon lens perfect for news, live sports, studio talk and game shows and more. URSA Broadcast lets customers shoot, edit and get stories on air faster than ever before.

    The Fujinon LA16x8BRM-XB1A Lens is a 4K lens designed for Blackmagic URSA Broadcast camera. This professional 2/3" mount lens is designed specifically to be used with URSA Broadcast, because of its professional 4K resolution. This highly versatile lens is suitable for ENG or studio use, with electronic back focus adjustment and macro function in the front ring.

    Key Fujinon LA16x8BRM-XB1A Lens Key Features:

    • Focal length: 8.0 to 128mm
    • Zoom ratio: 16x
    • Maximum Relative Aperture (F-No.): 1:1.9 (8mm) 1:2.8 (128mm)
    • Minimum object distance (M.O.D.): 0.8m from front lens
    • Angle of view in 16:9 aspect ratio: 8mm - 61.86˚ x 37.25˚ / 128mm 4.29˚ x 2.41˚
    • Filter thread size: M82 x 0.75
    • Electronic flange back adjustment

    The Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast Camera is also designed to work with the equipment and systems traditional broadcasters already have. For example, customers can use their existing B4 HD and Ultra HD lenses with URSA Broadcast. Unlike other broadcast cameras, Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast Camera records onto inexpensive standard SD cards, UHS-II cards and CFast cards, and records 1080i or 2160p video into standard .mov files, with .mxf to be added in future updates. URSA Broadcast records using DNx145, DNx220X or ProRes, so video doesn't need to be copied or transcoded. This makes it fast to work with video from URSA Broadcast because it's compatible with virtually all existing broadcast systems and editing software.

    The B4 lens mount and matching sensor on URSA Broadcast Camera enables wide depth of field, so broadcast customers can shoot without constantly chasing focus. The lens mount features high performance optics with spherical aberration correction specifically designed to match the camera's sensor. The B4 mount lets customers use existing HD lenses or Ultra HD lenses. Because B4 lenses are par-focal and have an extremely wide depth of field, images stay in focus when zoomed in and out. That lets customers work faster because they don't need to change lenses or refocus between close up, medium and wide shots. Blackmagic URSA Broadcast Camera also supports full electronic B4 lens control so customers can adjust focus, iris and zoom using the camera's controls, or remotely from an ATEM switcher or ATEM Camera Control Panel. In addition, the standard B4 lens mount can be swapped with optional EF, F and PL mounts so customers can use everything from inexpensive high quality photographic lenses all the way up to massive cinema lenses.

    URSA Broadcast Camera features a high quality 4K image sensor and a new extended video mode with better dynamic range and color fidelity. The sensor is designed for both HD and Ultra HD, producing images with fine texture and detail, accurate skin tones, vibrant color and high dynamic range. The images from URSA Broadcast have been designed to be used without additional color correction. This makes editing faster, which is crucial in the fast paced broadcast world. The high resolution sensor is a huge advantage, even when working in HD, because it enables sub pixel image processing and superior anti-aliasing, resulting in super sharp images.